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Canada's Justification for Depriving Indigenous Lands

Canada's subjugation of minority groups, with a focus on Indigenous people
Sohyun Park

Kwantlen Polytechnic University


This paper will explore how political economy in Canada--- neoliberalism, globalization and modernization--- harvests and fortifies societal, economic, political, and ideological powers, which downplays minority groups' cultural heritages and contributes to redoubling the subjugation of the groups, especially Indigenous peoples. Through research and reference obtained particularly from Indigenous scholars, I will look into the truthful historical contexts, colonialism and genocide upon Indigenous peoples, and relate how the settler government who continue to seize and hold the legitimacy of sovereignty, have achieved and promoted colonial normalcy. In this paper, I will discuss the meaning of losing land to Indigenous peoples' self-determination through exploiting a considerable amount of Indigenous land and resources. This paper concludes with an emphasis on how geographical fragmentation of Indigenous peoples by the government's plundering of the land engenders all issues and predicaments that Indigenous peoples repeatedly undergo without any hope of salvation.

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Cover Art by: Brandon Gabriel

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