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Issue No. 1

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"Land Back"
Issue No.1

Cover Art by: Brandon Gabriel
Edited by: Melinda Kachina Bige & Munatsi Mavhima

PUBLISHED: 2020-11-30


Melinda Kachina Bige

Welcome to our open access Journal. Like all things, the journal came out of a vision from community minded Indigenous folks. These folks took a community course I offered by donation in the spring of 2018...

Introduction Poem

Tawahum Bige

Make like a Caribou and Hide first published in Tripwire Journal 2020...

Dewina Luechtefeld

This essay explores the significance of the language and the land Canada was built on. I will begin with describing my family history as well as naming my first language...

My Ancestry and their Role in Colonization

Jayne Wright

My ancestors, as any family that is not Indigenous to Turtle Island, immigrated to Canada. The majority of my family has never been overly invested in knowing our settler roots...

Land and Language

Kirsten Wirsz

In tracing my ancestral roots back to both my maternal and paternal line, I was able to learn more about my heritage...

Indigenous Water Rights Within Canada

Maeve O'Sullivan

This paper will bring the reader along a journey to understand the lack of clean water available to those within Indigenous reserves in Canada...

Colonial Validation of Indigenous Exclusion: The Written Word and Other "Legitimizing Tactics of Ethnocentric Imperialism in Canada

Nicole P. Green

Historically, Indigenous voices have been negated from the discourse of law, policy, history, academia and other such disciplines controlled by Canadian Colonizers...

Canada's Justification for Depriving Indigenous Lands

Sohyun Park

This paper will explore how political economy in Canada--- neoliberalism, globalization and modernization--- harvests and fortifies...

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