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Octopus Blues

I am a predator

in the green and blue.

Gripping shells in its deep dark depths.


Blue blood is the rank.

Memoires swirling in dark inks.

Sea crests pull to and fro.


My hearts they are a beat of thrice.

Only stopping for a short-meandering swim.

Midnight strolls down small dark ports.


Much bravado in this solo life.

Blending in its murky gallows.

I make no bones, none about it.


I may stab if drawn to near.

No need to ask – I’ve chameleon wile.

Never backing off even if it’s based on a whim.


While I am more than salty silence.

You may have seen I’m a daring delight.

Cutthroat, captained, masquerading.


Crescendos, wept away, in an ocean current.

Surely, don’t leave me lying – a colored lament.

Breathless on the sea floor.

Photo Credit: Melinda Bige

This journal in its entirety is dedicated to our dear friend, Joanne Ward: Iskotew Achakos Iskwew

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